XR US Webinar: Decision Making Made Easy!

Extinction Rebellion US and Extinction Rebellion Kentucky are hosting a webinar on Wednesday, November 18th at 5pm PST about how activist groups can make better decisions together. The webinar will be hosted by Lisa Fithian, the author of Shut It Down.

Lisa will speak to some myths about consensus and how it can work well in self managed groups, with some advantages over SOS, consent, and other models.
Presented by the Education subgroup of XRUS National Restructuring Working Group.
This is part of XR NRWG's educational series on various decision-making models. Please join us and help spread the word. Lisa is a long-time activist in direct action movements and author of, “Shut it Down: Stories from a Fierce, Loving Resistance.”

If you've ever had trouble coming to a group decision in your activism (which describes literally every activist ever), you won't want to miss this. See the Facebook event page for more information and register on EventBrite.

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