Tell the Center for a Sustainable Economy to Stop Union Busting!

Employees of the Center for a Sustainable Economy have been trying to unionize and, in response, the CSE has hired the notorious union busters Bullard Law. It is absurd and disgusting for an Oregon-based climate group to be engaging in this kind of behavior and we shouldn't stand for it.

The Union for a Sustainable Economy has three demands:

  1. Voluntarily recognize USE, on acceptable terms, as the unanimous voice of CSE staff, and a bargaining unit of CWA Local 7901

  2. Reverse the retaliatory suspension of a Union member

  3. Immediately terminate the relationship with pernicious union-busting firm, Bullard Law, and commit to bargaining in good faith

There is no way to achieve climate justice if we allow other injustices to be committed along the way. Unionization is a right that must be protected.

Support our friends at the Union for a Sustainable Economy!


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