Tell Oregon's Energy Facility Siting Council to strengthen CO2 standards

To support the true carbon costs of fracked gas power plants prior to siting decisions (such as the Perennial Wind Chaser Gas Plant), please email comments ASAP to the Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC) to strengthen Oregon’s carbon dioxide standards.

Here's a template to consider when composing your comments:

Email to: EFSC.rulemaking@oregon.gov Subject: Comment on Carbon Offset Rate Update Dear Members of the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council and Staff, I strongly support the staff’s recommendation to strengthen Oregon’s carbon dioxide standard including: 1. The proposed rule increases the Carbon Monetary Offset Rate in OAR 345-024-0580 from $1.90 to $2.85, the highest increase allowed under Oregon's current rules 2. The rule is consistent with the purpose of Oregon’s carbon dioxide standard, which seeks to make gas-fired power plants as efficient as possible and to offset excess carbon dioxide. 3. The rule is also consistent with Oregon Governor Brown’s Executive Order No. 20-04, which states that “agencies shall exercise any and all authority and discretion vested in them by law to help facilitate Oregon’s achievement of the GHG emission reduction goals set forth in...this Executive Order.” 4. EFSC staff demonstrate that the proposed rule are a reasonable and fiscally achievable way to bring Oregon’s monetary offset cost closer to the actual, real-world cost of carbon offsets paid by the Climate Trust and others and support their use of Social Cost of Carbon in reaching this conclusion.

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