Tell Minneapolis to invest in people before policing

In the last few weeks, another series of horrific high profile instances of individuals murdered just because they were Black has rocked the nation—George Floyd, Ahamaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade. At a time when COVID-19 has exposed blatant inequities for people of color and an economic downturn has devastated low-income and communities of color, the depth of heartbreak, trauma, and anger being felt defies words.

Racism and white supremacy keep the many divided for the benefit of a few, so racial justice must be at the core of our organizing so we can all succeed. In our actions this week, we invite you to contemplate and then share what we all can be doing to undermine white supremacy and delegitimize institutional racism. Let's work towards a regenerative, caring economy that centers people and planet instead of profit.

Given the long history of disproportionate state-sanctioned trauma by police in communities of color, demand that the Minneapolis City Council move resources away from policing towards community-led safety and health strategies, education, job creation, public health and mental health services, affordable housing, and investments in Black, Brown, Native, and low-income communities. Tell the Minneapolis City Council and Mayor to show visionary leadership by investing in communities first, instead of more policing.


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