Tell City Council the Time has Come to Defund the Police

The pillar of courage that is our Mayor Ted Wheeler bravely decided to put off voting on police funding until after the election. As in, literally the day after the election. The City Council will be voting on the Portland Police Bureau's budget on Wednesday, November 3rd, which means there isn't a lot of time to lobby for reinvestment. Tell our commissioners to reduce the budget of the Portland Police Bureau budget by $18 million and spend the money on community reinvestment in basic needs and a new approach to public safety!

  • Mayor Ted Wheeler: mayorwheeler@portlandoregon.gov

  • Commissioner Chloe Eudaly: chloe@portlandoregon.gov

  • Commissioner Amanda Fritz: amanda@portlandoregon.gov

  • Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty: joann@portlandoregon.gov

  • Commissioner Dan Ryan: CommissionerRyanOffice@portlandoregon.gov

It's also not too late to Get Out A Few More Votes (GOAFMV)! Phonebanking campaigns will be going down to the wire. You can also volunteer with Election Defenders for poll watching. And make absolutely certain that every single last person you know has actually cast their ballot!!


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