Support the Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the places most vulnerable to the effects of climate chaos and yet environmental activists there often risk their lives when trying to organize. We support the work of Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP) in support of the human rights of Filipino people whether that is opposing a proposed US arms deal of $2M to the Duterte regime or providing support to stranded sailors here in Portland who are unable to return home due to Covid-19. Many are also without access to internet to contact their families to let them know they will not be returning home.

PCHRP is launching a fundraiser campaign to help meet their basic needs which are being neglected during this time. They are raising money to purchase SIM cards so they can talk to their families back home as well as small gifts to meet other basic needs. PCHRCP is also encouraging folks to write non-political letters of friendship and support to those stranded and to send them to kamustakababayan@gmail.com so they can accompany these gifts.


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