Support the HEROES Act

The HEROES Act, which passed the House after huge grassroots pressure, included an Essential Workers’ Bill of Rights, made strides towards ensuring relief included immigrants, and included protections for postal service funding critical to vote by mail and funding for election protections. It did not include the Paycheck Guarantee Act which is critical for keeping folks employed through direct government payments which has been more effective in other countries. It did not do enough to close loopholes in relief packages exploited by large corporations, including fossil fuel companies nor did it provide enough critical support for cities and states.

Despite these failings, Mitch McConnell is still trying to block a vote on the bill.

It is important to weigh in as the fight now moves to the Senate. Call or write Senator Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley today and urge them to resist Republican attempts to weaken the HEROES Act, and to fight to strengthen the bill including the Paycheck Guarantee Act and fixing corporate loopholes. And then go bug Senator McConnell and tell him to put the Heroes Act up for a vote!

Republicans have the chance to provide individual relief, support cities and states, fortify our elections, and protect essential workers—or they can turn their backs and support only big corporations. We need to keep up the pressure. The country needs to see whose side their elected officials are on.


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