Support Investigations into the Effects of Teargas

Join US Representative Earl Blumenauer and State Representative Karin Power in calling for an immediate investigation by the United States' EPA and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality into the potential impacts the toxic chemicals from vast clouds of tear gas have left on our public health, our wildlife, and our air and water quality.

Specifically, they want to know:

  • What chemicals have been used by law enforcement on Portland's protesters?

  • Were any grenades expired? (Some chemicals can degrade to cyanide!) If so, what does that mean for the health and safety of Portlanders? What of the health and safety of our environment?

  • What environmental assessments have been done for the environment and the public regarding these chemicals?

  • What air and water quality monitoring has been done in areas of deployed grenades and what were the effects?

The chemicals in tear gas are known to cause lasting harm to the human body, and health experts have noted the increased potential of contacting the coronavirus, which directly attacks the respiratory system.

Call DEQ at 503-229-5696.


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