Stop the Next Chemical Disaster from Happening in Portland

An explosion in a chlorine factory poisoned Westlake, Louisiana after Hurricane Laura slammed into the Gulf Coast on August 27. And just think – a chemical explosion could happen here too!

Oregon isn’t subject to hurricanes, but the oil tank storage for 80% of our earthquake-vulnerable state is located in a liquefaction zone between the Willamette River and Forest Park. What is the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) doing to prepare for, and avert the worst of, a fossil fuel disaster? The most recent Earthquake Response plan posted to the PBEM is from 2012, years before the establishment of the Zenith oil facility, which stores and transports more dangerous diluted bitumen (tar sands oil).

Contact PBEM Director Mike Myers (no, not that one) at 503-823-4375 and ask him when the plan will be updated, and how community input will be requested.


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