Save the USPS!

Yes, crazy as it is, Congress has left DC without passing a second, long-overdue relief package including billions to make sure our mail-in ballots get delivered in time for the election. (Since the response to the pandemic has been so bungled, voting by mail will be much safer than going to a stuffy, crowded polling place in November.) New Postmaster General and major Trump donor Louis DeJoy has told carriers to leave mail behind that slows down their routes, and photos are popping up on social media of mailboxes being removed from the street and taken to dumps, including right here in Portland. (USPS has said they'll stop removing mailboxes until after the election, although that doesn't mean they'll be putting any back.)

Why is this important for climate activists? Because hurting the postal service means voter suppression - which could mean the Climate-Denier-in-Chief could hang on for a second, even more destructive term!

Connect with the Moral Monday Digital Direct Action on Senate Leader McConnell at 12:30 pm to demand that the Senate return to DC to pass a full relief package, including funding for the U.S. Postal Service. Speakers include Elizabeth Powell, Secretary-General of the American Postal Service Workers Union (APWU), actor and Fire Drill Fridays activist Jane Fonda, Rev. William Barber, and more.

RSVP for the link here: https://actionnetwork.org/events/moral-monday-digital-direct-action-on-mcconnell-save-the-usps?clear_id=true&source=email-moral-monday-save-the-postal-service-protect-our-vote


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