Keeping Up the Pressure to Stop the Money Pipeline!

Following up on our Stop the Money Pipeline direct action there are a number of online actions for folks to take in solidarity with the Indigenous Day of Action to stop funding tar sands oil and fossil fuel pipelines. The focus of our campaign has been Chase (the top funder of fossil fuel projects) and Liberty Mutual (the top insurer of fossil fuel projects).

If you have friends or family members who have accounts with Chase, STMP has a handy guide about helping them move their accounts somewhere less deadly. (And if you have an account with Chase, well, get on it!)

You can also do a bit of review bombing, finding Chase branches on sites like Yelp and writing scathing reviews telling people to take their business elsewhere. emphasizing the hazards of continuing with fossil fuel projects that further climate chaos, even after the massive fires across the West Coast. If you want access to photos and facts to post with your reviews, feel free to email meissun@hotmail.com and we will send you some from this week’s visually powerful, local direct action.


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