Demand the G20 Invest in a Just Recovery

From our friends at 350:

The world’s powerful – finance ministers and central bank governors from the biggest G20 economies – will meet next week to discuss spending to stimulate the global economy from the coronavirus slowdown. We can’t leave it to a small elite group to gamble away, with the usual bailouts for fossil fuel companies and corporate executives that damage our planet and worsen racism and inequality. It’s time to raise our voices and demand they invest in a Just Recovery – and unleash a wave of people power strong enough to challenge the big banks and corporations that typically have the ear of government ministers. Here’s what I’m asking you to do right now: Get on social media and talk about what a Just Recovery means to you. What does the world you want to see look like? What is your message for financial leaders? Include a photo of yourself, a banner, or a video message – and use #JustRecovery and #G20 hashtags in your posts. You can even create and customise your own Just Recovery mask, change your Facebook profile photo, or share art you make with your friends. Everything you need to get started is in our online action and arts guide. Thousands have already signed on to a global petition addressed to the G20 economic leaders at their virtual summit from July 16 to 18, hosted by Saudi Arabia. Our demands for a Just Recovery include community investment in healthcare, affordable housing, green jobs, clean energy and transport – as well as calls to end the debt burden on countries whose stolen people and natural resources enabled the G20 countries’ vast wealth. Read more and sign.
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