Defend the Cordillera in the Philippines!

And to illustrate why the rally on Saturday matters to climate activists, this week we attended a webinar on Defending the Cordillera in the Philippines. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording here on Facebook.

Dictator Rodrigo Duterte has made the Philippines the 2nd deadliest country in the world for environmental defenders (only behind Colombia), with more than 300 killings of land and water defenders, in addition to countless others who have faced assaults, threats, lawsuits, illegal arrests, and forced evacuations from the government. Meanwhile, the Philippines are 4th worst in the world in terms of climate vulnerability, 3rd worst in air pollution, and 2nd worst in terms of plastic polluters.

Simply put, there is no stopping climate change under fascism.

Billions in US military funds support the state militarization in defense of corporate developments around mining and power projects with Chevron and other US companies being major players. Locally, Portland Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines continues this brave work and has orientations for new members.

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