Resources for XRPDX members

XR’s theory of change is the Civil Resistance Model which is based on evidence that shows that historical resistance movements have won through using disruption, risk, and escalation. This document outlines what we need to do to  actively engage a sustained resistance which will cause governments to concede or collapse under the pressure. 

A core part of XR US is justice and solidarity. We are working on building a community of love and respect for all movements, for all people, human and non human.  The climate and ecological crisis is devastating the most vulnerable - communities of color, indigenous people, poor people and non human species. An approach that tries to separate each other by issue is morally bankrupt. We are based in love and support for each other. We must be for each other first and foremost.

A healthy group culture is key to successful activist movements. To this end, XRPDX has established these ground rules. All members are expected to read and agree to these norms. This is a dynamic document that can be reviewed and amended regularly by the chapter.

Conflicts always happen. And good conflict is good and healthy. However, when it is disruptive to the whole group or involves behavior not in line with group norms or XR Demands and Principles, there needs to be a system to remedy it.  XRPDX has adopted a conflict resolution and grievance policy to deal with the following issues.

  1. General conflict in which people feel they ‘can’t work together’ or the atmosphere is sufficiently tense as to prevent the smooth running of activities;

  2. Harassment and bullying;

  3. Egregious behavior (especially involving multiple complainants) that is not harassment or bullying and where a conflict resolution would not be appropriate.

All XRPDX members should read this document and follow these processes when appropriate.

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