Extinction Rebellion PDX is the Portland, Oregon chapter of Extinction Rebellion, an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in the face of the dire threat of human extinction and ecological collapse. Launched less than a year ago in the UK, Extinction Rebellion is upending politics-as-usual, forcing climate change and species extinction to the top of the civic agenda, and creating new civic systems to replace broken governments.

XR offers a careful, conscious, and smart model of social change, which draws on the lessons of the last hundred years of social movements to avoid social media “bubbles,” internal strife, and co-optation by elites. Extinction Rebellion doesn’t rely on false positivity or hope. XR communicates precisely about the climate emergency we face and then asks people to act accordingly. IT'S WORKING.


Extinction Rebellion US was launched in January, 2019, calling for “nonviolent rebellion against the US government for its criminal inaction on the ecological crisis,” with four demands.

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